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BIZ-CARS, a dynamically growing brand with locations in Austria, Italy and Bulgaria, offers long-term car rentals at exceptional prices in addition to comprehensive services that allow for carefree driving.

Our benchmarks are customer orientation and the highest level of services. Nothing is more important to us than our clients communicating their specific wishes, suggestions and needs.

We also place a great deal of value on having good relationships with our partners and service providers.
With a long-term rental, the rental company takes care of all incurred costs related to your rental car. These include insurance, taxes, inspections, tire storage, repair services and much more. The renter need only refuel the vehicle.

It’s a quick and easy process: just make a booking, either online or by calling, receive your confirmation and then pick up the desired car at the nearest station. If you like, you can even have the car of your choice delivered!
Whether your company is large or small and whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, BIZ-CARS offers you a perfect, custom-tailored and, above all, flexible solution. With a long-term rental, you can quickly react to new situations. Examples range from seasonal work and trial periods for employees all the way up to when you have need of a whole fleet of vehicles.

Remember: with long-term rentals, not only do you have extremely convenient and flexible access to cars but there is also no need to manage the vehicles, tie up capital or present a balance sheet.