About us


With BIZ-CARS, our dynamically growing brand with branches in Austria, Italy and Bulgaria, we are able to continually negotiate new, reduced rates for clients. All charges, such as licensing, transfer and registration fees are already included in our rental rates. You need only refuel and pay any tolls (Italy). Through a variety of car-rental partners (Megadrive, Buchbinder, Sixt, Hertz, Europcar, Avis & Budget, …)) we are able to offer a variety of vehicles and provide them to our customers at very low special rates. We are expanding at a quick pace, country by country, and can thus influence our buying rates more and more. We allow you to choose whether to pay conveniently by means of a billing system; you may also choose to pay through PAYPAL or by credit card, of course.
We provide the highest level of services. Nothing is more important to us than responding to your wishes, suggestions and needs. With most of our partners, we have succeeded at negotiating a rate with no deductible in case of damage. So you can easily exchange your vehicle in the event of an accident – without incurring additional costs.



Why make it complicated when BIZ-CARS exists?
BIZ-CARS long-term rentals represent an interesting alternative to purchasing, financing or leasing a vehicle. The procedure is straightforward and very convenient because vehicles may be booked so quickly.
Are you tired of taking care of all the time-consuming and complicated matters regarding your vehicle? Call us today and let your worries be ours!


In a long-term rental, the rental company takes care of all incurred costs incurred related to your rental car. That includes insurance, taxes, inspections, tire storage, repair services, and much more. All the renter has to do is refuel the vehicle.
Simply complete a rental agreement online or by telephone, receive your confirmation, and pick up the desired car at the nearest rental location. If you wish, you can even have the car of your choice delivered to you directly.


BIZ-CARS rents the vehicles at one of our contracted partners (Sixt, Buchbinder, etc.) and then makes them available to our customers in exchange for a rental payment. Due to the fact that we have thousands of rentals, it is possible for us to negotiate new and better prices for our customers on an ongoing basis.
Our long-terms rentals have a minimum duration of 28 days. After that, we charge at a rate of 1/28 per additional day. The decisive advantage lies in the duration of the rental: the longer you rent your chosen vehicle, the cheaper it is. This is the best solution because you don’t have to decide between a high-cost daily rental and the long-term commitment that is created by buying or leasing.


Whether your company is large or small and whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, BIZ-CARS offers you a perfect, custom-tailored and above all long-term solution. A long-term rental allows you to react to new situations quickly. For example, during seasonal work or a trial period for employees – but even if you need a whole fleet of vehicles. Do you want to drive a convertible in summer but an SUV in winter? No problem! You can even exchange your vehicle for another one every month if you wish. Are you going on vacation, and don’t need a car while you are gone? No problem. Just return your car at the airport and order yourself a new one for your arrival. This saves costs during your stay as well as the expensive taxi ride to the airport.
Remember: with a long-term rental, your access to a car is not only flexible but also much cheaper.


You may trade in your vehicle for a new one of your choice at any time
Low, fixed monthly rental payments
No risks like residual value and repair costs
Road tax, motor vehicle liability insurance and comprehensive insurance are included in the rental price
BIZ-CARS takes care of handling the claim in the event of damage
Transportation costs and vehicle registration are included in the rental price
The deductible in case of damage can be reduced, for a small fee, to EUR 0.00
Quick availability (24-hour express delivery)
No deposit
Extras such as navigation device or child seat available (at additional charge)
Uncomplicated contract
Good overview of all costs and a simple billing process
All costs incurred will be set out in the rental agreement and sent to the renter in a clear booking confirmation
As the result of our years of experience and cooperation with a number of contracted and partner companies, we are almost always able to successfully pass on special requests.


Simplified calculation: steady monthly fixed rate over the entire period of the rental
Rental payments are partly deductible as business expenses
Reliability in any situation, and in the case of damage short-term replacement vehicles are quickly available at any time
We take over the entire process and the financial and personal expenses related to it
Because of the relatively short-term contractual commitment, medium-sized companies in particular will appreciate that long-term rentals offer the chance to rent motor vehicles only for a specific and reasonable period of time
Easy to set up and break down the company fleet
Bookings possible for as few as 28 days
No residual-value payment


Special vehicle requests are subject to availability
Maximum rental period is 24 months
Bookings must be made at least five days prior to commencement of the contract
When renting at airports and train stations there is an additional service fee comprising 22% of the total rental (net); fuel excluded
An additional fee will be charged for one-way rentals, where appropriate